Saturday, October 29, 2005

Questions and Answers

I wrote this post in response to few questions asked by one of the readers (he is a blogger too, Peter M)

He asked: "Sooni, what do I tell the liberals that say we should leave? Do the majority of Iraqis hate the Americans and want them out? Are they even aware or grateful of the sacrifices that the soldiers and their families have to endure?"

To answer these questions I need to go through some facts and assessments I hope you will be patient to read to the end.

Iraq consists of 18 provinces, 3 of them only (in the middle and west of Iraq) represent a safe haven for the insurgents (I will tell why), well I don’t think that 3 of 18 is a majority. The question remains who's making the attacks against the Americans and why?

In Saddam's time the Shia and the Kurds were suppressed (they both represent 80% of Iraq population) and most of them see the Americans as liberators, but they started to (blame) the Americans for the current situation in Iraq. The total weakness of the current government and the lack of security and general services made the situation very hard in Iraq and generated a (lack of trust) situation between the people and the government and thus the Americans since the common people still consider both are responsible. But all the (blame) and the (lack of trust) didn’t push the Kurds and the Shia to an armed confrontation with the government or the Americans and they always express there feelings in a peaceful way. And the only groups that don’t submit to this rule are (Muqtada Alsader group) from the Shia and (Ansar Alislam group) from the Kurds who have been violent with the government and the Americans.

Here we come to an important fact that the real responsible of the violence in Iraq are not the Iraqis themselves as (though there is a tangible amount of them have a vital role in it) we all know that Zarqawi is not Iraqi and most of the suicide attacks are executed by Arabs and Muslims coming from outside Iraq and we also know that there are countries funds those terrorists (buying cars, explosives, house renting and paying salaries to the Iraqis that provide the logistic support) and on the top of the list stands Syria who wish's that the delay of the Americans in Iraq will keep her files closed.
Tackling the Americans in Iraq hence the failure of the political process and the democratic model is seems to be the goal of too many powers and countries in the region and outside it and every one of them have his reasons and his means to make it happen.

Back to the Iraqis who have a role in this (battle) they are mostly from the 3 provinces I mentioned earlier and more they are one of these three parts:
People used to work with Saddam's regime like the republican guards and the intelligence.
The Sunni Islamic fanatics that can be easily deceived in the name of Islam's sake.
People who are ready to do anything for the money
The first and the last parts will vanish by time and the cut of the funding but the middle part is what really need a good attention because they are the seeds of terror.

Those who ask for the American withdraw from Iraq are (politically short sighted) because they can't see that Iraq is only step two (after Afghanistan) in the global war against terror and calling for a pull back is a call for ending the operation and a new chance for the terror to grow stronger again, in my opinion it is a (negative thinking) to wait for the terror to hit me again in my hometown and I think the Americans tried that once in the events of 9/11, do you really want to try it again?

Tens of thousands of Iraqis were killed in the terrorist acts but they burst in millions to the polling stations to defend their freedom and because most of them believe it’s the only way to gain the peace back, the freedom that was granted to the Iraqis by the Americans soldiers, and yes the Iraqis are fully aware of what the Americans have done to Iraq and they are really grateful and I wont be surprised if we built a statue for the brave American soldiers who fall in Iraq defending their country and people and Iraq and its people and the whole free world.

I hope what I said will answer your questions Peter.


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous MKL said...

Your post was very good. But, I'd like to ask you a follow up regarding Syria. As you pointed out, Syria is a major part of the problem with creating a more secure Iraq. What do Iraqis say should be done about Syria? Or even Iran's meddling in the south using Sadr?

Could you give us an idea of how the general services are in Baghdad and parts of Iraq that you know? Worse then 2003? Better? About the same? I read about the hundreds of projects being done in Iraq from schools to sewers. Is anything getting better?!?

I'm very glad that Iraqis have their freedom of expression back!!

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your explanation sounds thoughtful and rational to me. Plenty of mistakes have been made by American troops, the worst of which have been court marshaled and jailed. No one here wants to see any Iraqis mistreated or abused in any way. I read the soldiers' blogs and have the feeling that the great majority of troops have a good heart towards Iraq and Iraqis. They don't want their service and sacrifice to be for nothing. They want Iraq to become a peaceful and prosperous country, ruled by Iraqis under their own brand of democracy.

At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for that post sooni. i wish more americans would understand what is going on over there and what at stake for everyone in the world.

At 4:15 AM, Blogger Pat in NC said...

Thank you Sooni for your insights. Keep posting please.

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Tom W. said...


Great post. As an American, I don't expect Iraqis to be grateful. I know they are, and I'm glad they are, but I don't expect it. I only want Iraqis to stand up and fight to defend their freedom so that my fellow Americans can come home. Most Iraqis want that also, and I'm glad to see that the Iraqi Security Forces are becoming much stronger. In another two years, Iraq will have one of the best militaries in the middle east, and nobody will ever bother you again.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Melissa in NorCal said...


I pray you are correct. I would be ashamed to the bone if we left Iraq high and dry again, like in 1991. We should have finished it then. It is a battle for you against terrorists. It is a battle for us against the same enemy and in addition, the Apologists and Defeatists here in the U.S.A. and elsewhere in the world. God bless you.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger pete dawg said...

Thank you for answering my email. You know that I hope only the best for Iraqis. Be aware that there are Americans that could give a damn about your country. They are the same ones that didn't make a peep when the communists turned southeast asia into a "killing field" after America pulled out of the region. I know that President Bush won't abandon Iraq to the terrorists, but the 2006 midterm elections are coming up. George Soros and Cindy Sheehan have been able to turn public support to cutting and running from Iraq. If enough liberal democrats win back seats in the next election they could cut funding and force President Bush to pull America out of Iraq. This would be a disaster, but their hatred of Bush blinds them. My suggestion to you and your fellow Iraqis that want to live in freedom is start to speak up loudly in support of the coalition forces. Shame the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC to start reporting the good that is happening in Iraq. We all know that the Refrendum on Oct 15th was historic, but it was so under reported that you would never know that such a thing took place. If you are lucky enough to see a CNN crew around your neighborhood get in their face and say "Why is Time so eager to find out what makes terrorist tic, but won't interview an Iraqi like me that wants to see Iraq truly free?" Please Sooni think about it. President Bush and the soldiers fighting for your freedom need your help. Be safe and God Bless!!!

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very informative.

Lawk Salih

At 10:32 PM, Blogger Junker said...

Thanks for sharing these very uplifting words Sooni. We in the west have an incredibly difficult time discerning the real situation on the ground there. Are primary source of information is the media, and they focus solely on the bad, on the death and destruction.

"If it bleeds it leads", as they say.

It is incredibly heartening to hear an Iraqi paint a much brighter picture than the media will ever admit.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Junker said...

p.s. I should hope that those statues show Americans and Iraqis standing side by side. The bravery shown by Iraqi soldiers and police officers amazes and humbles me to no end.

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooni, thank you very much for your assessments. You are a great conduit of information for millions of us who wish for the Iraqis freedom to make choices - to speak openly, to elect government representatives, to have a say in and contribute to their school system and curriculum, to start independent businesses and have choices in the market - without fear. The MSM reports nothing from Iraq but death statistics (which makes it appear to the world that the future of Iraq is doomed), so your input is invaluable.

Only one word of caution, if I may ... be wary of supporting the Communist party. If power is given to the Communists, they will control your media, destroy your religion, and ultimately will determine your life's occupation, where you live, whom you speak with - all freedoms for which you and your fellow citizens are long overdue to experience and enjoy.

This decade is for the Iraqis, and it is long overdue.

After spending innumerable months of research on the Internet, I have come to the conclusion that there are millions of people worldwide, especially in Arab countries (most of whom have no voice outside of the Internet), who are wishing you every success, despite what the media portrays.

God bless, and be safe.

PS: Your country, I think, has the most beautiful children in the world!

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At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooner or later Americans will realize that this is just the early stage of very long war that they won't afford.
It's a war of patience not a war of High-tech arms&endless logistics that costs much more than tax-payer can afford.

Most important its not a noble objective behind these battles as the Neocons Propaganda are trying to tell yet unfortunatley its always too late before the average people realize the bitter truth.

No doubt we are not wining this war nor we will ever in the long run.


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