Sunday, October 16, 2005

A peaceful Vote!

I think you all were surprised how peaceful the Vote was (in comparison with the last election the Zarqawi attacks were over 300 but in this Vote they were only 13), it wasn’t the security measures for sure nor the lack of suicide bombers but I think it’s the new situation that most of the Sunni Arabs voted like all other Iraqi sects and groups.
One may ask: what's that got to do with stopping the attacks?

Firstly: for Zarqawi Sunni Arabs are like the backbone of his operations in Iraq because almost all his followers are from them and also they provide the logistic support for him and his fighters (most of the west side of Iraq is a Sunni Arabs provinces and it’s the major route for the Arab fighters that come from Syria), so starting to kill them without plan (B) will be a big mistake.

Secondly: I guess Zarqawi is also eager to know what the real situation in Iraq is, surely he knows about the Kurds and the Shia's but he really need to know about the Sunni and who's with him (people who said NO) and who's against him, and this Vote is like a free survey that will help him to set his future plans.

We all know that he will never stop but if he want to start fighting the Sunni Arabs (not all of them of course but still a substantial part of them who voted YES) then he will need new plans for sure, and if u ask why? I will answer that by:
The Sunni Arabs were acting so tight till now but when a major part of them "The Islamic Iraqi Party and it's followers" started to believe that there is no future for violence and decided to join the political process the situation will end up with a big infiltration to the Sunni Arabs which may result of increasing intelligence information from inside the Sunni house, if Zarqawi started to attack the Islamic Iraqi Party and it's followers.

We really don’t know or have any idea what the outcome of the Vote will be, but lets hope that it will be something will make Zarqawi recalculate everything he have.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Sippi said...

Good luck to you all and may the Good Lord smile on free Iraq.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger waldschrat said...

I would say that it is an injustice to say that people who voted "no" are friends of Zarkawi. An honert person can oppose murder terrorism and still say "the draft constitution is not good enough in my opinion".

The result of the election should be honored by all, as should the opinions of all who voted in it.

At 12:36 AM, Blogger jean said...

I'm with Sippi. May the good Lord bring a better Iraq for everyone.

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooni said.....

"We really don’t know or have any idea what the outcome of the Vote will be"

Under Saddam, your and your people, all Iraqis, always knew what "the outcome of the Vote".

Zarqawi didn't have to kill a single Iraqi, Saddam did all of the killing. Saddam was finally captured in a rathole, eventually Zarqawi will be captured in his own rathole.

May the Iraqis of today, return to the greatness of Mesopotamia of yesterday and may you, sooni, help lead the way.

At 3:22 AM, Blogger Final Historian said...

"Secondly: I guess Zarqawi is also eager to know what the real situation in Iraq is, surely he knows about the Kurds and the Shia's but he really need to know about the Sunni and who's with him (people who said NO) and who's against him, and this Vote is like a free survey that will help him to set his future plans.

This is a logical assumption. Those who vote no don't tell Zarqawi a lot, but those who vote yes do. Its the yes vote by province that probably interests him. Those Sunni who vote yes, those most willing to compromise and co-habitate, will likely be the next targets of Zarqawi and his butchers.

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Gambisin said...

The courage and spirit of the Iraqi people is an inspiration! What you've accomplished in these last two years, in spite of everything the terrorists have done is amazing.
No matter how the vote comes out, you've already won. Democracy isn't easy, but Iraq is in the process of proving itself more than capable.
Welcome to the Blog world, and God bless Iraq.

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Sooni,
I also agree with a comment by final historian and with you that Zarquawi needed to know where he stands, I do also fear for the ones who voted YES, but thankfully, since voting is SECRET, no one will really know which Sunni voted yes and which voted no, this will likely cause a problem for Zarcowie because he will either have to wont know which ones to target. I believe that a new "silent majority" has spoken and they also want the Freedome to choose how they want to live and be governed. I think that even though the road is still long, the journey is on the right track. Thanks to you Sooni for your blog, I appriciate your thoughts. Peace be with you.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zarqawi recalculate ???? This is too far for him, he do not recalculate he do what he order. We do not have to wary about him we should wary about the people behind him the people who fights to get control the people who use him as a tool to squeeze us
Is this our constitution? or the political people constitution? Who need it as it is now? Or as the way they put it? Do u need it sooni as it is?
In Sadam time there was two choices, chose Sadam or invasion, so we chose invasion because as we believed and even the US solder believed it will lead to freedom but what happen?? Instead of one Sadam there is now tens of him !!!!
So the choices now Yes or No, which one will lead to Zarqawi, gangs , Militias fights, civilian war. Dear sooni they always show u the meat in the left hand and they catch u from u neck with the right hand, so even u stay hungry and let the meat or attach the right hand.
And I believe people like us will prefer to stay hungry…. Like Jesus , Mohamed and Gandy. God bless hungry people.

(Person hope to breathe)

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Bob (in Texas) said...

All Americas and Iraqis share the hope that the American soldiers will leave Iraq. But now that America has caged that lion who tortured and killed the people of Iraq, should it now leave them to be eaten by jackals like Zarqawi?

No, America will not leave Iraq defenseless. We will help you become strong and independent -- and FREE! Yes, American soldiers will leave Iraq as soon as possible, but America will never abandon Iraq.

I congratulate you on taking such a big step in establishing a stable government. Your new constitution may have flaws (just as America's constitution did -- shamefully it allowed slavery to continue and fester), but our constitutions have one thing in common which assures that freedom will take root and grow: both our constitutions establish a government with limited powers. All power that is not specifically granted to the central government by the constitution is reserved to the States -- Iraq now has a "federal" government, just as America does. Such government guarantees that no matter how strong Iraq becomes, it's government will never become powerful enough to enslave the people who created that government. The people of Iraq are the subjects of no "king" -- except God Himself.

I especially congratulated Iraq on its doing in less than three years what it took America thirteen years to accomplish. America declared independence in July 1776, but it didn't ratify its constitution until nine states had joined the union in the summer of 1787 -- our first national election wasn't held until March 1789 -- and the "Bill of Rights" (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) wasn't added until 1791.

But Iraq has not only built a new nation in far less time than we Americans did, you have done it despite the vicious attacks of ruthless monsters who would rather see you dead than free.

We Americans admire you!

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