Monday, September 11, 2006

A day to change history

Five years ago some people imagined that the time has come to attack America and teach the whole world a lesson. Those people divided the world to "us" and "others". They imagined that God (Allah) will stand by them in their holy war against "crusaders", "infidels", and all the "others". They killed innocent people thinking they will be safe in their holy land (Afghanistan) protected by Allah. I remember that I watched the event live on TV that day, it was really shocking.
The reaction came fast when the holy protected land wiped away and the "heroes" ran hiding. The great loss that day resulted in a new American policy to follow the criminals and bring them to justice the first attack on Afghanistan criminals was successful and the second attack on Iraq criminals was successful too. One may ask what Iraq had to do with 9/11 attacks? The answer is simple! The criminals though they have different trends but they share the same hate to the free world and kept on feeling threatened by the free world (without the free world Saddam would have invaded more than Kuwait and without the free world Kuwait would never have returned to its people). So the criminals kept working in a net though they didn’t declare it, from where do you think the terrorists have this much fund to carry out attacks this big? Or keeping there operations alive? It’s a big net contain all the regimes who fight freedom and repress their people.
Two from the list are gone forever and yet many to come. What I hope is that the whole free world keep remembering this day because it’s the day that started the War on Terror. I know that the voices calling to stop the operations and pull back to the United States are rising more and more, I think they have forgot or at least started to feel safe, well they might be wrong, the hatred is still big and only small portion of it eliminated. If you stop now you will give them the chance to regroup again and soon you will see another attack in the United States and don’t forget what happened in England few weeks ago when the criminals tried to conduct a massive attack there. They are trying their best and you are trying to retreat leaving them more space to prepare themselves better!
I refuse to link between what is happening in Iraq right now and the War on Terror. If Iraq now in a mess I guess that what the Iraqis themselves did. Operation Iraq Freedom was totally successful in saving the area from a real threat and what happened in Iraq next have many causes these lines wont be enough to deal with, I hope I will have more time in the future to discuss them individually.
I don’t want to keep going far from the main reason I wrote these lines for, its for the memory of those people who died for no reason but being in a free country in a free world where some criminals hate those values and think that killing is the best way to express their hatred. To you and to all the people who fall as Freedom Martyrs I raise my prayers. I want to tell you before 9/11 innocent people used to die and nothing would happen but your death changed history forever.