Thursday, March 09, 2006

Woman day in Iraq

This year the Ministry of Woman Affairs had a celebration in one of the Iraqi social clubs on the occasion of woman day in Iraq but sorry I wasn’t there nor was my brother, my brother was in a press conference held by the Organization of Woman Freedom in Iraq where they showed some drawings condemning the terrorism and the woman abuse in jail in the name of the law and I thought you would like to see some of those pictures. The drawings were made by the prisoners themselves inside the women prison in Iraq. The two events shared the same day but in a different way. I wrote this not to be against or with but I thought its something worth posting.

This picture was drawn by a prisoner mother who lost her daughter in a terrorist act while she is in prison.

One of the prisoners painted this picture and wrote "stop injustice against the Iraqi woman"

This one is asking the Muslims about the mercy of God upon the women because the devil is torturing them in the name of the law.

Back to blogging!

First of all I would like to apologize for being away for so long and I would like to thank all the readers who kept on sending emails or wrote a comment asking about me, and I guess with these lines I'm back to blogging!